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About Pinecrest Direct

WELCOME TO PINECREST DIRECT! We sell shelf pull, overstock, and return pallets to small businesses from our warehouse in North Mississippi at rock bottom prices!

 We have the best department store surplus available. We have surplus and salvage from all major retailers and have rock bottom prices. If you can come in and pick up your merchandise, skids, or pallets, you reap the savings. We sell directly to retail or to other businesses in need of stock merchandise. Our goal and our procedure is to NEVER cherry-pick our merchandise. We deliver straight to you as we get it.

  We do not warehouse and cherry pick loads for your small business. You will get what we get. Truckload quality merchandise, pallets, and overstock at lower than wholesale prices.  Our products are direct from manufacturer so we sell at bottom dollar.  We have a lot of different companies we buy truckloads from and we will work with you if you are looking for pallets from a specific place. We can also assist you with shipping. You will get the best price with direct pickup, however, and we will deal with you if you buy in bulk or even just want a single pallet or item. We can help you maximize the profit of your small business or find the best deal on something like a single blender.






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We want your pickup business! Drop by our warehouse! You can buy pallets in real time and its cheaper. You can also pick out the pallets you want visually. We will cut you a deal, so come on by or give us a call. Our truckloads come straight from the processor, direct.

Our warehouse is located at 6629 MS HWY 32 E Charleston MS 38921 Phone#: 662-647-6671

Shelf pulls, liquidation, surplus, returns, and salvage from all major retailers. We have it all. Kitchenware, housewares, garden, tools, toys, sporting goods, electronics, tools, clothing, luggage, and more.

Contact us or drop by:

Pinecrest Direct

6629 MS HWY 32 E

Charleston MS 38921


email: admin@pinecrestdirect.com